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Privacy Policy

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:14 pm
by AndyDragon
The mobile applications VooDoo Gas and Scuba Gas Manager collect no data from the user (other than that entered in the app's screens) which is passed back to AndyDragon Software or any other website or web service. No personal information is ever needed or is ever transmitted with the exception of data entered in the app shared using the sharing feature in the applications where implemented. Shared data is never transmitted to AndyDragon Software or any other website or web service except as defined by the sharing protocol and is only ever shared with the recipient.

The sharing feature allows you to share diving information you've entered in the application with individuals via SMS, messaging, email and posting on various sites such as Facebook. The content of the message, email or post is ALWAYS shown to the user before submitting to allow the user to validate that it contains no personal information other than the return address and data entered in the application. No information is collected from the device or desktop and none is ever transmitted.

We at AndyDragon Software respect the user's right to privacy and both applications can be used with no transmission of any kind (simply do not share your data entered) and will never collect or transmit personal information (or any information other than that entered in the app's screens or calculated by the internal algorithms).