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Postby AndyDragon » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:43 pm

I've spent a lot of time (and effort) with various different dive log software packages, some free, some paid - all left a lot to be desired. Until I found Diving Log. This is paid software that is worth every cent. The author is reactive to changes and bugs found - though for complex software, bugs have been few and far between. The software is powerful and quite customizable. It has import filters for many existing diving packages (including most of the horrible software that is released by the hardware vendors) and can download from a wide range of dive computers directly. This means convenience and simplicity. The user experience is clean and easy to use and works with a variety of mobile software including Diving Log for the WIndows phone, a compatible iOS log package and a couple for the Android. It has sync for a few online log sites too. Truly awesome. Not only that, but the software has some additional plug-ins for managing dive sites, photos and even posting your dives to Facebook.

Pop over to www.divinglog.de and see what dive log software SHOULD be on the Windows platform.
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